The Best Coffee in Berlin part 2

The Barn Mitte - the last time I tried to check out this cafe, it was pouring with rain and all the inside seats had been taken. Needless to say it was too miserable to sit outside or walk along with a takeaway, so I went and checked out another place instead. Be warned: this place is popular and it has a reason to be. The Barn is a bit like Boston Tea Party in Bristol, in that everything is locally sourced, excellent quality and well presented. They roast their own coffee, which they sell in crisp brown bags, along with locally produced jars of jam and honey, plus dozens and dozens of yummy looking pastries and cakes. 

The service was friendly and the vibe was less hipster, more young professional, business and bookish types. It feels calmer than St. Oberholz around the corner, which is exactly what you need, when the plan is to sit and journal and read for a while. I sat on the tiny little stools outside, which are perfect for people watching, especially in the morning when the street is still shady. My caffeine of choice was their infamous flat white. It was excellent. It was as smooth as Godshot, No Fire No Glory and Bonanza Coffee Heroes but had an extra kick in the aftertaste. So, if you like a stronger cup of jo, then definitely head to The Barn. It's friendly, small, not too expensive and situated on a surprisingly peaceful street in the centre of town (you can see the Cathedral peeking out at the end of the road!). 


  1. it's so cool to read how sensible you soak up every little detail of the cafes and coffees! :) i think i definitely have to take a closer look and take more time the next time i visit a cafe.:)

  2. I am interested to know more about this particular coffee shop could you provide the link.

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak

    1. Sure! Here it is