I've rekindled my love-affair with the hipstamatic iphone app. It's so perfect for Summer cos all the photos look all whimsy and fun. Plus it's so exciting watching the photos develop. Yes, I know I'm lame, but it really is the little things. Here are some of the hispta-snaps I've been taking recently.

Hipsta-Berlin 1
1) Grabbing a Bratwurst from a stand after a long day of translating is really just the yummiest of yums.
2) Franziska came to visit! YAY! This was taken after midnight whilst we wandered around museum island in the dark. It was awesome.
Hipsta-Berlin 1
3/4 I've been a bit 'off' again, so noticing the little things, treasuring the small moments has really helped me focus and be grateful for what I have: sometimes that's reading a book and turning off my phone, other times it's stopping in the middle of my street and noticing the beauty of late-spring sunshine.

Hipsta Berlin 1
5/6 My lil' bro came to visit me for a few days at the start of last week. We had so much fun, exploding through the city, giggling in vintage stores, making pretzel moustaches, enjoying Hillsong Church Berlin, drinking Fritzkola, eating Falafel and putting the world to right over delicious flat whites. He's so precious.

And so ends, hopefully, my recent blog-funk. I need to make space for the things I enjoy, but it's so difficult when the rest of your life is so demanding. Anyone get that feeling?


  1. Hey Ellie,

    Great blog! It's making me miss my own year abroad-I did Bogotá and then Turin, Italy and absolutely loved it. I'm now casting for a new MTV documentary about sex and relationships and we're looking for young people in Germany who would like to take part. I'm wondering if you know anyone who you've met along the way who might be interested? Do you have an email where I could send you a bit more information about it?



    1. Hey Rachel! My email is ellie.faith.jackson@googlemail.com

      Drop me a line!