Florence on Film part 2: Adventures with Brynne

I remember this day so clearly. There was a beautiful blush-coloured sun, a free afternoon, new film in my camera and a plan to see Galileo and Dante in their final resting places. I was dreaming of a Room With A View and the moment Lucy Honeychurch walks around Santa Croce all gumption and poise. So we took off in the rosy-light, ready to take culture by the horns and make it ours.

Florence collage 2

If I'm honest, the inside of Sante Croce was a bit of disappointment. I think perhaps the €6 entry-fee had something to do with it! No one wants to spend that much to look at a couple of graves, regardless of whether the deceased are famous or not. However, the cloister and the gardens were really beautiful, as was the light. We took some lovely photos and enjoyed the evocative smell of freshly cut grass - a reminder of the impending spring. The band playing outside on the square were also fantastic and I embarrassed Brynne massively by twirling and jumping around to the music - hahahhahahaha! We rounded everything up with a cappuccino before heading back to our lovely apartment. It was a idyllic.

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  1. You look so pretty in that last photo - I love your hair in a plait.

    The light in Florence is amaaaaazing, makes me so excited for summer.