Ethical Fashion Show

A couple of weeks ago I got an email from the lovely Charlotte Instone who attends the London College of Fashion inviting me to an ethical fashion show. Naturally, I got very excited because I'm really trying to shop more ethically and what more inspiration do you need than an entire show dedicated to ethical products!?? Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend the actual show, because I will have moved to Berlin by then (that's another story!) but I would encourage as many of you fashionistas to go and check it out. I really believe, that we all have a responsibility to AT LEAST look into sustainable fashion, assess it's accessibility and start putting pressure on our favourite brands to stop using slave labour.  

If you love clothes and you love people, if you love clothes and hate injustice, if you love clothes and love quality, if you love clothes and you hate poverty, then get yourself down to St. Paul's Hammersmith for May 8th at 7pm.

Please let me know if you do attend because I would love for you to guest-post on this blog and let us all know what you found out! Here's the link to the event page

For those of you who can't attend, but still want to shop more ethically check out this website Ethical Consumer where you can find out which Highstreet stores have the best ethical policy according to environment, animals, people etc. 


  1. i love people tree clothing !! but it's just so expensive :(

  2. This fashion show looks amazing and will definitely try and go along. I definitely agree by shopping with ethical brands, it puts pressure on the high street brands to look at their ethical policies.

  3. I like fashion because it is so cool and growing

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  4. Sounds like a great event, wish I had been able to make it. In response to the above comment, you should check out the People Tree sale, they have some great clothes that don't cost too much.