Poccino: The first coffee in 3 days

On my daily walk yesterday, I passed this cafe and decided to treat myself to a latte and a sit down.

Pocinno coffee 3

Here they play a mixture of rocknroll and classical piano, they display all their coffee machines, they bake their own biscotti and you can have quark for breakfast. Their foam is creamy and their coffee reasonably strong. The atmosphere is gorgeous (I have always been a fan of good, high window-seats. They're perfect for people watching and the table is exactly the right height for writing on) I am supposed to be revising Italian for my interview tomorrow (now today) but coffee shops really are the best place to write and be inspired. 

Poccino Coffee 1
OH MY GOSH the caffeine apocalypse is definitely happening in my body right now. I was wondering why I felt so fuzzy - of course it was caffeine withdrawal! Oh my gosh, oh my goodness, I feel so much better, I'm even writing faster. YES COFFEE YES! Oh I love you coffee high, I love you, I love you, I love you LETS GO LETS GO LETS GO!!!

Poccino coffee 2

Currently calling in Italy...keep getting the answer machine. This is getting awkward now.

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