My Brother The Diplomat

Today my brother starts University. I can still remember how I felt driving to Bristol with my life stuffed into the boot of the car: that weird combination of fear, excitement and relief that the day for leaving has finally arrived is so easy to recall, as is the queasy sick feeling that churns around in your stomach. It rained throughout the whole journey and I remember crying the whole way there, clutching a box of brownies that Annie's Mum had made for me. I was sad but I was also incredible happy. When we arrived into Bristol the sun came out behind the clouds and filled the city with a glorious autumnal glow and it was then that I knew that this new chapter was going to be one of the best seasons of my life. 

My brother is one of the coolest, wittiest and intelligent people I know. I remember him being small and white blond and incredibly shy, but he leaves home today tall, brunette and incredible secure and extroverted (my mother worked her magic!). Ben has never had a problem making friends, he's the sort of person who can walk into a room and people are drawn to him like a magnet. He's a fun guy and really funny, but he's also incredibly fair and incredibly just, which I guess makes him pretty likeable. He has wide range of interests and you can always have a really good conversation with him. It's been so precious to see him grow so much in the last two years, to see his interests mature and develop, to see his future prospects get wider and wider and more exciting. In the last year he has travelled from Sierra Leone,  to Berlin, to Greece and you can see how seeing the world has changed his perspective on life and fuelled a wanderlust almost as great as mine. As he starts his International Relations course at the University of Leeds, I can't help but feel that God has prepared him for what is to come. I'm so excited to see how this chapter reveals more of his character and fuels his passion for the world and its people. I know I'm biased, but deep in my heart, I've never had any doubt that my brother is a world changer and that this huge step he's taking today is just the beginning of a great adventure. 

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