A Weekend in Maastricht: marrying the night with sunsets, Thai-take-away and a torch-holding statue.

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We got dressed for a fancy restaurant, but the light was too good not to take photos. So we promenaded across the bridge in the rosy, pink sunset, getting in the way of cyclists and taking photos for a bunch of happy Dutch girls. We were still on the look out for a restaurant but ended up getting take-out from a Thai recommended to us by a local boutique owner and sitting underneath the huge statue with the burning torch. In the meantime a marching band came past, a bunch of tourists asked us the way and the locals invited us on a night out. We declined the latter and went in search of ice-cream but ended up in Mcdonalds to sample the Stroop-Waffel Mcflurry and the passionfruit milkshake (would highly recommend both!). We thought we might call it a night and watch a DVD, but Maastricht had other plans. On the way back we became enchanted with the way all the little cafes and bars were spilling out on to the streets, providing a consistent hum of chatter and outdoor heaters. You found us sitting in Falstaff drinking glasses of wine and having one of those tired, deep and silly conversations, followed by a good old knees-up with the locals. We trudged back after midnight to our cosy hotel very tired but deeply satisfied. We had conquered the nucleus of Maastricht's street culture.

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