How To Beat The January Blues: Listen To These And Bop

Whenever things get too much, I always crack out some old school tunes and boogie around my room. I call it 'The De-Stress Bop' where you literally bop all the stressyness out of your body. So below I've linked you to some of my favourite bopping tunes. Please, if you're feeling blue, stop what you're doing and just DANCE.

Hall & Oates are so funky. I love there stuff cos it just makes you feel so happy. You'll probably recognise this song from the film 500 Days of Summer (FAVE!) every time I listen to it, I pretend that I'm Tom from the film just strolling down the street all happy-go-lucky. THIS SONG WILL MAKE YOU SMILE.

Whenever I go out on the town I always want them to play this song, it gets everyone on the dance floor and just reminds me of my friend Kate (the irish one) strutting her stuff in Lounge and me trying to copy her (but failing miserably!) Stevie is a classic 'pick-me-up' choice, my bro gave me double-disk of his greatest hits for my birthday once - literally MADE MY LIFE.

I remember this song coming on the radio whilst I was in the car with Dad once, we pretty much shoulder-rolled it all the whole way home and then went straight to the computer to download it off itunes. My housemate Ellie has recently got into Motown and we played this the other night to make us feel all happy and jivey. I like to pretend I'm Beyonce in Dreamgirls, grab a hairbrush and swan around my room lip-synching to all the soulful harmonies.


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  1. This is the best way to start a groggy-headed and sniffle-nosed day!