Good Friday Reflections

'I tell you the truth, today you will be with me in paradise' Luke 23:43

Today I am living in the light of what Jesus has done for me. What he did on Good Friday saved my life, giving me the opportunity to walk with him for the rest of my days and guaranteed me eternity in his presence. What Jesus did today means that I will see Annie again, it means that whilst death still has its ache, it has lost its sting.

For the first time good Friday has lifted my eyes to heaven and to the party that is going on now. There is so much comfort in knowing where his children are. I bet she is sitting cheekily at his feet, chatting to him face to face. Wow. She's having the best Easter ever. Everything that I find confusing and mysterious has been made clear and real to her. It's so easy to say 'It's okay she's with Jesus now, we'll see her again soon' but when you actually believe it, it's overwhelming. She is WITH Jesus, WITH him. He's a tangible, physical presence in her eternal life.

I guess the way I feel about her death is similar to how I view Good Friday. I grieve for the suffering that must endured, yet I delight and find joy in the way it has glorified God and consolidated the reality of his love for us.

Thank you Jesus.

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  1. Ellie, this is so uplifting!

    Isn't it funny how I choose that word... Jesus was lifted up, first literally on the cross, and then to heaven, Annie has been lifted up to be with him, and you are uplifted in your love of and faith in God.

    Like I said, uplifting <3