A Pair of Toms

TOMS ARE ON THE BRAIN. Two of my closest friends in Manor are called Tom. They are super lovely boys, with super posh accents and contagious laughs.

Tom R, or lovely Tom, or 'OUR' Tom lives on 0-West. He has the perfect voice for radio, we call him Terry Wogan behind his back, just cos it's so deep and sooooothing. He also makes THE best potato wedges. A couple of weeks ago he turned up at our kitchen (after walking up five flights of stairs) with a tray of potato wedges followed by Jules and Chris carrying an olio of condiments. It was YUM. I often pop down to 0-West for a cup of tea and a bit of Tom-time and I love it when he comes out with us as a group because his dance moves are OUT OF THIS WORLD. He made fresher's week so fun with his groovin' and our candy floss moustaches, we also went to watch the rugby in Bar 100 one afternoon, him sipping a cranberry juice and me with my tap-water. He's also one of the most honourable guys I know, he is one of the few who has remained faithful to his lovely girlfriend throughout the term and he remains so calm and collected when bombarded by the 'boy-issues' of us girls on floor 5. WE LOVE HIM.

The other Tom, or drama-tom, or Wraggy lives in Tottenham place. He's pretty much defined by his course, English and Drama, in that I am often unwillingly pelted with a plethora of accents and Shakespeare quotes. Joking aside, I love him to pieces. Even though his mock-pretentious 'Gap-yah' references drive me up the wall and I am constantly having to phone him at 9:30 or earlier to make sure he's out of bed and doing some work, he's a real gem. We have so much in common, we love drama and 500 Days of Summer and Breakfast at Tiffany's and Ikea and Starbucks etc. etc. But more importantly he's willing to listen to me babble on and on about stuff that's bothering me whilst we eat angel delight and he willingly watches Gilmore Girls (even though he's not the greatest fan!) So he's pretty spesh.

There are another pair of TOMS on my mind right now. They're a pair of shoes. Although you could argue that they're more than just a pair of shoes, rather it's a movement that is changing the lives of hundreds around the world. For every pair of TOMS shoes I buy, a child in a developing country gets a pair too. It's an incredible idea, started by an amazing guy called Blake whose unselfish approach to business is providing these children and adults with opportunities to improve their social standing. I urge you all to check out this video, it'll explain it better than I can.


  1. You know my thoughts.

    Also, I want a Tom! I seriously miss having male friends. Not that there's anything wrong witht all the friends I have now, but you know what I mean, right?