The Hat of Reasonableness

This evening we introduced 'The Hat of Reasonableness' to our dinner table discussions. After a feast ofprovocative comments, long winded argumentsand just downright temper prodding comments, my father, very suddenly, produced this hat out of thin air and plonked it on his head. Our first thought was, naturally, that the head of the house had gone 'insane due to stresses at work' and we all burst into fits of laughter. This was only further emphasised when my father asserted with a manic smile that he was wearing the Hat ofReasonableness and from now on we must be wearing the hat if we wished to make a contribution to the conversation. This, far from solving the pressing conversation crisis (i.e ARGUMENTS), only added to the hilarity and intensity of the debate. It was definitely one of those moments to file away in the old memories crevice of my brain.

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