A note on Abercrombie and Co.

I was encouraged by two of my friends to write down my objections and frustrations with the brand Abercrombie. Now I know that some of you who are going to read this will be great Abercrombie fans and I'd just like to assert that this blog is to be taken with a massive bucket of salt. I do not own anything from Abercrombie simply because I can't afford it, however I do have a few items from Hollister but again these were bought in America or in the sale, so they were reasonably priced. I should also mention that I am a total cheapskate when it comes to clothes, I rarely pay over a tenner for anything unless it's a pair of jeans. So, with this in mind...do read on.

Last December whilst on a theatre trip I decided to brave the Abercrombie and Fitch store in London. I was horrified to discover that it was a gorgeous, old building that had been converted into a shop for these hideously overpriced clothes, but I was determined to stay open-minded so I tried not to get too worked up. Once in the store I was confronted by a bare-chested male model who ASSUMED that I wanted a picture with him - obviously I was repulsed. Why would I want a picture with a topless model? I am quite clearly going into the shop to look at the clothes! Also, I hate that he assumed that because I'm young average-looking female I would be desperately lusting after him. He was gross and WAY too pretty. ARGGG. Anyway, we finally get into the part of the building were the clothes are laid out and I'm practically suffocated by the smell of A&F fragrance. Now, I actually like their fragrances but in SMALL quantities! It was like being gassed with au de toilette.

Once in the main part of the store it's impossible to a) hear, because they pump music out like it's a night club (which, might I add, it isn't! It's a shop, you know the place you go to look at clothes and decide whether or not you want to buy them, and if you're with a friend it's often necessary to have that 'should I/shouldn't I' conversation!) and b) see because they have all these flashing lights. Again, this was really irritating because I couldn't see what colour the clothes were, surely the main purpose of the store is to display the clothes in a light where people can ACTUALLY see what they're buying. The assistants were also subject to my wrath - they were these conventionally 'perfect' looking people who were continuously asking me 'What's up?' in a suspiciously American sounding accent - 1) do not ask me what is up if you don't really care about the answer and 2) you're not American so don't try and make out like you've just walked off the beach in California, because you haven't. You're in London, in December, it's raining.

The store isn't the only thing that gets on my nerves. The ad-campaigns are also ridiculous. They always show bare-chested males and scantly-clad females practically getting on in a field or on a beach. Now, I'm not being funny, how is a pair of naked models going to encourage me to buy CLOTHES, I repeat, CLOTHES from that brand!? They can't even clothe their own models for goodness sake!!!

Okay, enough. It's out of my system. If you wear it, fine. Just don't expect me to talk to you.

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