Brief Enounter and a Hot Toddy recipe

I hate being ill, it's so boring! Sleep is such a waste of time, think of all the things I could have done this afternoon - I slept for 5 hours, I could have baked muffins, written an essay, watched Brief Encounter - but no, I had to sleep. Doesn't help that I'm feeling really, really rough - my throat feels like it's about to explode and I have an agro builder putting up shelves inside my head. OUCH! Bless my brother, who this morning thought it was a real smart idea to play the drums (my room is practically next door) I did scream at him, but I feel bad now - he didn't know I was ill!

Anyways, the fact it's my throat worries me cos it doesn't feel like your typical sore throat it's more of a deep heat thing as opposed to a "hot lemon" thing. Which is scary, because I have two language oral mocks at the end of this month, grade 5 piano exam and oh yeah (!) a show to do. URRRGGGGGG. All require a healthy throat. *sigh*

However, my singing lesson yesterday was AWESOME. I sang and aria from "The Marriage of Figaro", I've never sung opera before but it's introduced me to a total different way of singing. I love the way the high notes don't have to pushed, you just have to "yawn" into them :D YESSSS. So good, so good. And so de-stressing because most operas involve a lot of screaming and dying and all that jazz so you can just be as overdramatic as you want. :D

Tonight I am going to watch Brief Encounter, it's been on my movie list for about 2 years now - it's getting ridiculous. I'm also going to make myself a "Hot Toddy" because the lemon shizzle is just NOT working. Oh :-( I wish I was better, I made myself sleep all afternoon surely that deserves instant recovery. But I know Mum won't let me go to rehearsals tomorrow, which is rubbish cos I love rehearsals and it's getting all exciting and near the show now. Nevermind. Hot Toddy and BE it is.

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  1. Ellie! In the letter I wrote i made a big thing of forcing you to stop for just a minute and rest...i realise now that you've actually been forced to do this...:S
    I really hope you get better and back to your lively self as soooon as possible. :D