Seeking Inspiration

How often do you nurture a space where inspiration can drop by? It's so easy to treat being inspired as a passive verb, but in reality it requires a little actioning from our side of the fence. You gotta pick up the book, go for that walk, watch that film, listen to that song, book those flights - sometimes all it takes is a little bit of silence, a short walk, a chat with a friend. I'm so bad at making time to be inspired and then wonder why I find myself empty and gasping for air near the end of term. I use the excuse of being paralysed by choice (which, to be fair to myself, is often the case) but a lot of the time I'm just lazy and spend far too much time scrolling through social media (although that can also be inspiring) It's partly why this blog has been so quiet recently, that and the fact that I've barely had time to do my laundry over the past couple of weeks (hair drying your underwear every Monday morning is just not okay) What I'm hoping is that there's a few of us in the same boat and that perhaps we could all pitch in and inspire each other. So, please recommend me books, music, activities, places, websites I've made a space so please, please, please take the time to drop by. 

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  1. Hey Ellie, Kat here (from the Chaplaincy, though I've actually just left!). Came across your blog via Josiane, hope that's not weird. Your thoughts on inspiration - and escaping the endless scrolling - definitely resonate with me so I'll share what I've been drawing on recently. Hope there's something in there which helps!

    Fiction - Still Alice, Wild, The Miniaturist, Gilead, All The Light We Cannot See
    Poetry - Mary Oliver, especially 'Mysteries, yes', 'The Summer Day', and 'When Death Comes'
    Theology - Barbara Brown Taylor, Nadia Bolz Weber
    Listening - Old editions of the 'On Being' podcast, Sufjan Stevens' newest album
    Watching - Locke, Ex Machina, Whiplash, Calvary. And Pitch Perfect 2.