Coffee Diary: Kaffeine, London

About a week ago my friend posted this Buzzfeed on my timeline. As a coffee enthusiast I started dreaming up roadtrip plans to visit all the best coffee shops in the world. Thankfully there were a few shops closer to home, one of which is Kaffeine on Great Titchfield Str. in London. Now I remember going to Kaffeine a couple of years ago and really enjoying it. It was pretty quiet then but now the shop is a constant hum of activity. I decided to pop in after an interview in town because I was pretty curious about something called The Flight. The Flight is, from what I can tell, a unique coffee tasting experience that started at the cafe last year. It consists of three coffee based beverages: an espresso, cascara tea and a cappuccino. The idea is to introduce customers to their guest coffee, in a way that allows them to really taste the brew. What I love about this place is how obviously passionate and knowledgeable the baristas are - apparently you have to have three years of coffee making experience before you can work behind their bar! I was served by an incredibly enthusiastic barista who explained The Flight 'guidelines' and described the flavour of each beverage impeccably. You start with the cascara, a palate cleanser  made from coffee berries and blended with early grey tea. Once your palate is suitably cleansed, you sip the espresso slow and meaningful, letting all the citrusy, dense goodness fill your mouth with happiness. Then you finish the rest of the cascara and start on the PERFECT cappuccino. I chose to have mine with  Kaffeine's very own almond milk (50p extra) and let me tell you that was the best cappuccino I've had in a LONG TIME. The almond milk was the perfect mix of malt and vanilla, which when combined with the dense, citrus espresso created a rather delightful tasting experience. Also, they managed to get the most consistent foam I have seen with almond milk and it didn't sink whilst I was fraternising with the other drinks so BRAVO Kaffeine baristas! Folks who love coffee as much as I do, this really is a MUST-DO on the London coffee scene. Hop to it!

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