COFFEE DIARY: Fernandez and Wells

As you turn off Regentstr. into Beakstr. a delicious tranquility breezes along the bricks and catches its breath right outside this understated cafe. So understated in fact, that I almost missed it completely. I'd asked a few friends to recommend me their favourite London coffee haunts and the Fernandez and Wells chain was definitely the winner. In terms of style it reminded me a lot of Monmouth Coffee sans communal seating. It was also very peaceful when I arrived and I was able to get a prime-people-watching spot by the window. I was served by possible the friendliest Barista in London, it was his first day on the job and his enthusiasm was infectious. If you're reading this Barista-man, THANK YOU FOR HAVING SUCH A SUNNY DISPOSITION. Anyway, I wasn't sure what to have, I said I was huge Flat White fan and was told to try the Stumpy. Little did I know that this little coffee beverage actually originates from the cafe on Beakstr. so I definitely made the right choice. It is essentially a small Flat White and slightly stronger than a Cortado. The coffee was exquisite. As for the cafe itself, it's the perfect place for a quiet catch-up with a friend or a chance to catch up on your reading/notetaking. I really enjoyed it and will definitely be returning, as well as checking out the other stores around the city. 

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