Weekend Escapades

As soon as the temperature rises and the ever allusive sunshine returns to Bristol you know it's time to ditch the books and plan an escapade, if only to avoid any growing resentment towards libraries and work. My blogging galpal Charity always talks about having a staycation (essentially staying at home and holidaying in your surroundings) and I am determined to embrace this idea for the upcoming months. After all, I might not be living here much longer and there is so much of this wonderful city that I have yet to explore! So, a few Saturdays ago, my pal Amy and I decided to catch up on a spontaneous walk to Ashton Court. I can't believe I have never been before! It is so beautiful. There is something about a country house that inspires a gooey patriotism and a tendency to walk around as if you were in a BBC costume drama. I mean, I cannot think of a better way to spend a Saturday afternoon in springtime!

We grabbed a take-out at Clifton Boston Tea Party, paused at the suspension bridge to admire the view, then swanned across the bridge towards the Ashton Court estate. Four hours of walking and talking in the sunshine is perhaps my best cabin-fever cure to date. 

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