'Oh isn't it marvelous to be home!' she cries. I have never been so infatuated with England as I have been in the past few weeks. Everything has been so overwhelmingly perfect and lovely. I deliberately took a little break from blogging just to enjoy everything as it was in the moment. Sometimes that's the best thing to do. Here are some snapshots.
1/ My Mum threw me a surprise Welcome Home party. It was so lovely to walk through the gate and see some of my favourite Bracknell people hiding behind the fence.
2/ I got a bit excited about being in back on British soil. I love these Cath Kidston pajama bottoms.
 3/4 I went on a little road-trip with Mum down to Hastings to visit my Grandparents. We got take out coffee, listened to Radio 3 and set the world to right. British Summertime was also in its prime.

 5/6 One of my best friends in the entire world got engaged whilst I was in Germany, so when I came home my Maid of Honour duties began immediately. We spent a lot of time browsing bridal shops, making notes in pretty notebooks, browsing pinterest, drinking Rosé and getting a bit giggly and excited. 
 7/8 I spent a lot of time snuggling under the blankets, picking up some easy reads and sipping a lot of excellent cups of tea. Oh Comely is such a wonderful magazine for relaxing and keeping curious and Ballet Shoes is my absolute favourite. I found this copy second hand a few months ago and it has the coolest inscription on the inside. 
 9/ I bagged a bargain from the Topshop sale. These shoes just make me feel all pretty and dancey.
10/ There's nothing quite like a train journey into London. It's one of my favourites. This one was made all the better with a bag of chocolate buttons and some letters from my long-distance favourites. 
11/12  I spent a deliciously lazy morning with my boy, drinking coffee and tucking his cat into blankets...as you do. 
13/ After meeting up with some AWESOME friends, I stumbled on the MASSIVE Foyles bookshop in London. I'm not quite sure how I've never been here before. I pretty much wanted to buy everything. For someone who likes obscure, foreign books about theatre - it was paradise. Will definitely be going back there, if only to sit in that lush cafe of theirs and listen to some music.
14/ Possibly the highlight of my week. I went to see my friend Christina perform in Once the Musical. The show itself was absolutely incredible, I loved the film, but I think I like the stage production even more. It really brings the music to life and takes it to another level. I also saw both understudies for the two main parts and was still blown away by it all. Obviously, the most emotional part was seeing my friend, who I've seen work herself from a law degree, to drama school, to a job on the WestEnd in the space of a year, strut her stuff. All that hard work and risk taking has paid off and I was immensely proud and inspired. 

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  1. so glad you get to be home! lovely photos, and thank you for your terribly sweet comment on my first post--you are the loveliest.