Life Lately

Phew! June is just flying by. So many people have returned home from their year abroad and it's so weird to think that I should have be on my way home by now too. However, I've still got a little while to go. I just found out that I may have to cut my time here short for financial reasons - I have to start paying for my house in Bristol from July and paying double rent for the more than a month will leave me pretty penniless. So I'm looking to come home earlier than planned and get a job from the beginning of August (I have to stay here unti 2 August, otherwise the placement doesn't count - thank YOU LIFE!) Anyway, here's what's been happening over the past couple of weeks.

Life Lately June 1
1/2 Louis came to visit and the sun came out. Every single day was sunny and in the twenties. We did lots of outdoor wandering, then would come home and watch three episodes of Borgen (such a good show!). I showed him all my favourite hang outs and we ate a lot of FroYo.
Life Lately June 2
3/4 On Louis' penultimate night, the light was really beautiful. We grabbed our cameras and some money for a beer and made a spontaneous film to the Alabama Shakes. We walked all the way from my house to Friedrichstrasse, passed the Hauptbahnhof, Reichstag and Bradenburg Gate. It was delicious. 
Life Lately June 3
5/6 The church small groups are called Dinner Parties and I went to my first one last week. I've joined a relatively new group and that evening there were just three of us having a cheeky picnic in the park. It was such a great evening! There's nothing like a dinner party picnic to consolidate friendships.
Life Lately June 4
7/8 Despite living in one of the most exciting cities in Europe is still easy to get overwhelmed. Every single week there has been a new 'issue', usually something to do with Year Abroad admin or my house for next year. Trying to keep up with it all, whilst still trying to make the most of my time abroad has been exhausting. The other day I just said 'enough'. I closed my laptop, ignored the emails, did my insanity work out, made a yummy meal, read my magazine and sat by the river. It was perfect. 
Life Lately June 5

9/10 It's been a dungarees, fish-tail plait and boot chucks kinda life recently. Keeping it cool, keeping it casual and keeping it easy. No one want to spend too long working out what to wear in the morning - am I right?


  1. I love hearing about your year abroad! It makes me wish I was a language buff so I could go immerse myself in a country like you have. Hope you're doing well :)

  2. I love your dungarees. I wish my size 10 ones still fit but I guess not, maybe i'll just embrace my curves and hit the charity shops :D