The Disposable Life

Interestingly, shooting your life through a disposable makes it anything but disposable. By using the disposable you create something semi-permanent (aka. you have the photos until your computer crashes or someone throws away your photo albums by accident, because they thought it was junk - I'm looking at you Dad) 

Tomorrow, I move to Berlin. Despite being at home for a month, it still feels a bit fast and if I'm super honest, I'm a bit nervous about setting off again. My room is just too darn cosy, England is just too beautiful and my friends just too wonderful. 

Here are some disposable-camera reflections from the past few weeks of rest, fun and rediscovery.

1) Living off tea, nachos and Apple products.
2) Saturday morning cycle in B-town. 
3) Gloucester Road Graffiti. Bristol is crazy.
4) I came home and he was there.
5) Meet Niall Potter, he's gonna be an actor but in this picture he's sitting on a bench being rude.
6) A sunny-evening picnic in the Fellow's Garden in Exeter College, Oxford with ma girl Fiona.
7) A lovely midday drink with old, beautiful theatre friends at my second home.
8) I've spent a lot of time in Waterstones, drinking coffee and lusting after books.
9) On the bridge being crazy. I blame the Tapas.
10) Planning our music video on Brick Lane.
11) No London adventure is complete without frozen yogurt from SNOG

12) The most incredible Falafel box from Spitalfield food market.
13) Being cultured, looking at photographs at Somerset House.

Gah England, you're just so great. Sorry for not appreciating you enough before. Isn't London just one of the most incredible cities? I love it with all my heart. 


  1. These photographs are great! Good luck with the move!

  2. these are so great! love them all for their quirkiness and whimsy!