Things I've Learnt

. Prayer works
. Perspective is everything
. Routine keeps me sane
.Productivity keeps me living
. Make-up keeps me awake
. Doing things immediately always helps in the long run
. There is never a GOOD time to wake-up - your body will always want more sleep
. To-Do lists are to be managed not completed
. Rest returns us to 'normal' mode
. Bike seats ALWAYS take getting used to
. If you play a song over and over again you will eventually get sick of it
. Americanos are better than Cappuccinos
. Social boldness will get you friends, or at the very least acquaintances
. Distance does NOT make the heart grow fonder
. Perseverance produces results
. If you're a singer, you kinda have to sing
. I am richer than I think I am, in all senses of the word
. The weather will do what it likes, when it likes. There is no use complaining about
. The weather is also not a topic of conversation, it just makes you sound British and desperate
. The internet soothes loneliness


  1. I agree on every point except coffee. Cappuccino rules supreme in my heart.

  2. Ahah, I agree with Fiona... but I can't actually say a word about that, I'm italian!!!