Life Lately

1/ Flying over the Alps is always my favourite thing about getting the plane to Italy.
2/ The first slightly gluten-free meal I've ever had on a plane. YUMM.
3/ I bought a bike on my first day in Parma and haven't looked back. I love it, even though it has no gears (turns out the Italian don't really do gears!)
4/ Having an opera-studying-conservatoire-going friend means I get to use the practice rooms with her and sing my little heart out.
5/ Care package from Louis with bike lights, dark chocolate, pens, a red nose, a letter, packets and packets of tea, MOAM and some Bristol surprises. I love, love, love getting care packages from Louis, they're always so quirky and thoughtful.
6/ I tried Reindeer for the first time. It tasted like Christmas...
7/ Hodges and I went to Ikea. It was very Italian and the restaurant was closed so we couldn't eat meatballs and the layout was typically Italian and ridiculously confusing. Still, there's something very comforting about the Swedish food market and being able to use my Ikea family card.

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