Walking Home

My friend Fiona challenged me to blog about a journey I take everyday. I loved the idea because I see some pretty beautiful things on my way to and from things. This particular journey isn't one that I take on a regular basis, but it's one I took during my 'sick week' in order to get my strength back. It was the longest walk I did and took about an hour, but the weather was so gorgeous and I felt so happy to be in the fresh air I hardly noticed the time go by. I walked all the way from the Altstadt back to my flat in Unterrath listening to some gorgeous tunage and snapping happily away with my lil Canon digi-cam.Walking alone is honestly one of my favourite things to do, it prepares me for the day or for the upcoming activity and helps me to debrief on the way home. It makes me feel alive and infinite and at one with the world around me. I particularly love walking home in Autumn because the sky switches from a dramatic grey, to sunny orange, to cornflower blue and the surroundings change colours accordingly. It's such a rich time of the year.


  1. mmmmmmmmmmmmm. stunning leaves on the house!

  2. Can't BELIEVE I didn't see this! It's wonderful, and I really agree about being alone being a hugely important part of life.