The Keen Enthusiast Part 2

Another completely random opportunity is the chance to be an extra in a production by a German 80s punk rock star. He's a nice guy, but I've never heard of him, nor has anyone else in the cast. The plan is more like an art installation that explores the theme of broadcasting and that's about as far as my comprehension allows me to go. It's all a bit random. 

The first rehearsal was spent walking around the stage playing with the set, accompanied by demure cello music and then the rest were just concept discussions, which I struggled to pay attention to. I'm not sure whether the language barrier has made this whole production seem like a pick n mix of random crap, but as far as I can gather the production includes: morph suits, a skater film with a cartoon duck as its protagonist, flash mobs, ghetto blasters and lots of 70s/80s prints. As for what I'm supposed to be doing, I'm still not exactly sure. I know that I'm wearing a chequered yellow dress that only just fits over my chest and makes me look like a bad cross between Jessica Rabbit and Jessica Day and that the best thing to do is to follow Franziska around the stage and do whatever she says. BUT WHO KNOWS WHAT MIGHT HAPPEN!? If this production is one thing, it is certainly flexible. I'm honestly waiting for the moment when he tells us to strip naked and do a barn dance. Nevertheless, I'm sure there's something incredibly innovative that I'm just not quite getting and perhaps I'm part of something incredible...

Regardless of its avant-garde nature, I'm still there, on the stage volunteering. Who else can say that they spent their year abroad treading the boards, albeit as an extra, but still, it's a great way to make friends and some hilarious memories, no?

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