Düsseldorf in Black and White

The lovely Louis came to join me in DDORF and we had fun with a black and white film. 

 Der Tag der offenen Tür (the day of the open door aka. Open Day) at the Schauspielhaus. Balloons, cake, free bags and the biggest stage in Germany.
Walking to church in style and the steps by the Rhine where all the cool kids hang out and drink beer.
 The other 'chic' side of the Rhine.
Düsseldorf skyline smokin'.
 When beer is cheaper than water, it's always beer for Louis.
 Sifting through the bargains in the art bookshop.
This was one of those 'balance the camera on a wall and put on self-timer kinda moments'. The old man on the right of the photo then offered to take a picture of us. He was such a splendid character, telling us about all his favourite cities and how Paris was the most beautiful and how he wished he could have taken a picture of us with a prettier back drop. He was a darling and I'm so glad he's captured on film forever.

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  1. These photos are beautiful -love the b&w film, adds so much character. Glad you're having fun in Deutschland!