Film Favourites: Summer

The long-term readers of Ellie Speaks will know about my film photography challenge: it started with disposables and has recently progressed to my mother's old Pentax. I love the control and care required for every photograph taken with a film camera, it slows everything down and more often than not results in a beautifully composed photograph. This is not to say that I have loved every single photo I have taken, but some of my ALL TIME favourite pictures have been taken with these cameras. Here are a few of my favourites from the Summer. It's kinda obvious that I love taken photos of people. 

1. My Granddad (on the right) and his twin being silly in Narbonne, France.
2. Jessie's teapots.
3. Jessie and a lot of countryside.
4. A cool sculpture.
5. Dad in front of the Olympic torch bus.
6. Dad running with the torch.
7. Shoes hanging from a line at Shalford Train Station.
8. My favourite travel partner at Starbucks, Victoria Station.
9. Candles to remember.
10. Early morning megabus goodbye. 
11. Coffee in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.
12. My brother at Festival 40.
13. My view from Astor College, UCL. Lush.
14. Theatre people.
15. The gorgeous Kayla after our final show. 
16. Meditating with kids on a trampoline. Edgy.

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  1. LOVE the teapot photo and the old men! Good work Miss xx