Happy Jubilee!

Ohhh I have been waiting for this week for SO long, not only does it mean that exams are ALMOST over but it's the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, which means festivities galore! I know a lot of people who are anti-royal for political reasons etc. but I just love how a Royal Wedding or a Royal Jubilee brings the nation together. It gives Britain a reason to celebrate our heritage and our history. I love how the shop window displays go all patriotic, I love all the random little fairs, events and mugs with the Queen's face on it, but I think the thing I love most of all are the STREET PARTIES. I can't think of anything that shouts COMMUNITY more than an entire street gathering together to have fancy dress competitions and live music and shared food. It's just so great! I've been planning my Jubilee weekend on Jubilee Bristol - did you know that Bristol is Britain's street party capital!? It's so exciting! Even my favourite Boston Tea Party have jumped on the jubilee bandwagon and are now serving Afternoon Tea Queenie Style. HAHA.
So, bearing in mind that I still have an exam to revise for I have had to place revision around my chosen Jubilee outings. So, here's my sched:

SUNDAY: Attend the BIG LUNCH at Millennium Square and watch Jubilee festivities on the BIG SCREEN.

MONDAY: Attend the Downs Jubilee festivities followed by a friend's Street Party.

TUESDAY: Go to the Bristol Museum to see the Leonardo Da Vinci drawings from the Royal Collection.

I really hope the weather holds up otherwise it's going to be pretty miserable, albeit very British. But whatever the weather I hope we all have the chance to celebrate and wear pretty dress and drink lots of tea out of diamond jubilee bone china cups and spend lots of time with our neighbours and friends.

What are you Jubilee plans!?

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