My Favourite Disposables

A couple of months ago I pledged to document the Spring term via disposable camera only. It was really good fun, although I did feel proper dorky pulling out my little Kodak disposable at inopportune moments, particularly when I had to spend at least 10 seconds winding it on before I could take the photo! But alas, I'm really, really happy with the results. So, despite the expense (£6.00 per film!) I think the experiment was definitely worth it. I really felt that I spent more time IN the moment rather than worrying how awesome my photos were going to look. Anyhoodle, I promised to show you my favourite snaps, so here they are:

 This was taking on a rather delightful father-daughter coffee date to Sante Fe. They do the MOST delicious vanilla lattes. Dad and I both asked for skimmed milk and got scolded by the waitress for being so weight conscious. Hahahaha. But I love that I captured my Dad's awkward 'not-quite-a' smile.
 This was taken during a rehearsal-break on the 6th floor of the Student Union. The Union itself is an architectural monstrosity, but the views from the top-floor windows are really something. Clifton houses just make me so happy, they're so elegant and beautiful. It makes me feel lucky to live here.
This was during one of our Winter indoor picnics, I remember because we bought fruit-juice and we never buy fruit-juice. But I just ADORE Louis' facial expression here.
The first glimpses of Spring in Bristol and the students get their Ninja on. I love the colours.
This was taken in January or February, I can't quite remember. I just know we went on a walk and there were lots of beautiful snow-drops and Camilla was wearing great yellow Wellington Boots.

 Performing Arts Gets Poshed is one of the must-go events of the year. This time round the theme was the roaring-twenties, hence the curls, the pearls and the red lipstick. I turned up straight after a performance of The Vigil with my taps-hoes on and was just in time to enjoy the silent disco. How gorgeous did my friend L.J look? She's one of my talented fresher musical friends! 
 I think this was just before a performance of Anything Goes or it might have even been the tech rehearsal. Fred and Kita are the coolest couple on the planet. They're so showbiz it's almost annoying. I love this photo, partly because Fred's sitting on Kita, partly because of Kita's cheeky wave and partly because I can't help but smile when I see these two together.
 This was taken during the band-call for anything goes. Adam and Christina were mid-way through 'Friendship' and I couldn't help but take a photo. I believe it captured the mood of the song perfectly. These two bring me so much joy.
 Oh come on! I managed to catch someone in mid-flight! This was taken on a the Pip n' Jay weekend away and as per usual the men were trying to prove their masculinity by jumping across ditches. Fun times.
 This was taken at the wedding of my good friend Dan. I love weddings so much, people always wear the most beautiful things. 
 Hahahaha. On the itchy feet dance floor with two of my favourite people in the whole world. I'm not quite sure why my eye looks like it's about to slide off my face, but Gem and Tedderz look beautiful. HOW CAN GEMMA PULL OF BRIGHT YELLOW!?
 Another Itchy Feet classic. It's the one event where people ACTUALLY get their groove on, but with a live jazz band and some good jiving classics who can blame them? I absolutely love this photo of my friend Joe grooving outside Motion. He looks so cool and edgy. I wish I could be like him.
This was the first photo I took on a disposable. It was the Saturday morning of the Pip n Jay weekend away and I went out to capture the sunrise. It was really quite breath taking. I love the depth of field that film camera provide. 

It may not be cheap, but it does make photography fun. I'm pretty envious of anyone with an iphone at the moment, I'm desperate to get on the Instagram hype! WAAAHHHHHHHH. Meh, maybe one day I'll get my act together and bid for a 3GS on ebay, but for now I'm content with my Nokia blueberry.

MUCH LOVE, Ellie x

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  1. oh gosh, I love all of these. Especially the second and the last--the colors are so gorgeous! I need to take some of these, too. So much fun! hope all is well, girl! xo.