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I've finally reached the half-way mark and it feels good! I'm so glad that lectures have finally finished and I can spend all day revising (or not revising!) British Summertime has also decided to make an appearance, for which I am incredibly grateful, although my wardrobe has been turned upside down as I seem to be attempting to wear all of my summer clothes at once: who knows how long this weather will last for. I'm in a good place with work right now. My friend prayed over me the other day and asked that I wouldn't feel like I was cramming, but absorbing and I can honestly say that the last couple of days have been very chilled and very enjoyable work wise. I find that as long as I stay away from the library and give myself a least an hour or so to soak up the beautiful sunshine and spend some time with friends, then my spirits are high. Here are the things that get me through:

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1. The Smartcafé cafetiere mug - life saver! Look at the crema :-)
2. Group revision sessions with sultanas and chocolate.
3. Yummy jubilee squash - strawberries and cream flavour.
4. A beautifully tame dragonfly.
5. The Psalm of the week.
6. Gluten-free pasta salad from the Chaplaincy with a precious friend.
7. Breakfast at DecoLounge with another precious friend.
8. Thali cafe for my housemates birthday - nom nom.
9. Beautiful, beautiful pens. Lush.
10. A sunny afternoon in Clifton with an iced-americano. 
11. The graffiti across the road.
12. Boston Tea Party study sesh with my faves.
13. Iced-tea at Lahloo pantry with the other Ellie.

What gets you through stressful times?

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  1. YES strawberries and cream squash! Love your blog Ellie, so chirpy and funny and it brings a smile to my face (which is quite an achievement in the midst of this revision hell!) :) xxx