Today's Study Aids

It's a cold, wet Sunday afternoon and there's a pile of work to be done before the week can commence. You procrastinate in the warm kitchen making endless cups of tea and stop off in the snug lounge to chit-chat with your roomies for no particular reason, except to perhaps defrost your fingers. You can't sit at your desk without your hands and feet going blue, but you can't get under the covers with out feeling incredibly sleepy.

So what do you do!?

You make yourself a hot ribena and warm up your lavender-smelling-microwaveable dinosaur, pull on some socks and sit ON not IN your bed with all your work spread out. Et voila! Let productivity get underway.
The Ribena warms up my inside.
The Dinosaur warms up my outside.
I love them both unconditionally...for now anyways.

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