Bad-Blogger, a Chocolate Coma and a Bucket-List

I know, I know, I'm a terrible blogger. I'm just too busy, which isn't much of an excuse but if it helps, I'm also a terrible student because right now I should be revising prepositions but I would much rather re-emerge from my musical-theatre-whirlwind/chocolate-coma to a blog post than a grammar book -wouldn't you? Thus due to the context of this particular post I shall keep things short and sweet, but hopefully still profound, in a funny-tounge-in-cheek-kinda way. Right, I'll get on with it now. But first I'll eat a chocolate egg...right back, just had a mindless 10-minute flick through tumblr as well and also went and made some tea HOW DID I GET SO PRODUCTIVE EY!?

But tumblr is good for a lot of reasons, one of which I would like to demonstrate in the following blogpost.

Now we've all heard of Bucket Lists, we all know that most people want to see the Grand Canyon and go Skydiving before they start pushing up Daisies. Personally I'd rather call it a To-Do list, it sounds less...morbid. Then again, I have so many incomplete To-Do lists, it's probably time I started calling them something else, just to see if I actually start doing the things on them. Regardless of my opinions on the names of these lists, I really like them. I think the concept is admirable and should be as compulsory as a birth certificate. I especially like the idea of fashioning my Bucket-Lists along the lines of the one above. The idea of spending my life completing utterly outrageous activities is possibly the most attractive thing I have ever heard (after following Jesus). So, I'm going to go away and start thinking about my Bucket-List, hopefully it'll be a healthy balance of zany and sentiment, but I doubt it. Perhaps I'll post it on here, perhaps not. Wouldn't want you all stealing my ideas! Not that you would. That was unfair. Sorry. It'll probably be incredibly generic things like: play the piano WELL, be able to speak Italian and German PROPERLY, skydive, see the Grand Canyon. Either way, it needs to be written. I'm getting OLD.

What's on your Bucket List!?

Is anyone up for joining me in completing the above list!?


  1. I made a bucket list and lost it... Which I think defeats the purpose of having one. Haha. So I might be joining you in (re)creating a list! Good luck with yours!

  2. I LOVE this! I want to do all these things.

  3. Chic baby! would you like to follow each other blog? :X