Happy Mother's Day!

Living away from home is such an adventure and one I'm grateful for every single day. But sometimes I just really miss my family, particularly on days like today. If you've been reading my blog for a long time you'll know what an incredible woman my Mum is. She's not only beautiful, funny and intelligent, but brave and strong. She has beaten cancer twice, combatted her 7 year disability with grace and humour, continues to inspire difficult teenagers, got me through MY turbulent drama-queen-teen-years, supported me through the hardest summer of my life, travelled all over the place and is still the best coffee date around. I would like nothing more than to spend today chilling with her, watching movies, reading books and eating cake, but alas the term is not over yet and I'm chained to my desk until this work is finished. But nevertheless Mum's the word - I hope everyone who gets to see their Mum today appreciates the opportunity to hug them in person. I'll have to content myself with a virtual Mum hug *HUGS MUM*

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