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I have a workspace fetish. This does not mean, much to my parents dismay, that my own workspace is ever particularly tidy or organised, instead it means I stare at my desk and wish that I had some sort of Matilda-like power to move everything around without having to lift a finger. This has yet to happen. Thus I have to satisfy my craving for lovely workspaces by browsing tumblr, there is, I kid you not, an entire blog dedicated to displaying workspaces and yes of course I'm a diehard fan.
Here's Mine:
I would just like to say, that I was watching Gilmore Girls in Italian and therefore it counts as revision!
My Workspace
Everyone tells you that a good working environment will increase productivity. For my friend Katie, her workspace is simply her bed. I can't work from my bed because I will just fall asleep and tell myself that napping is healthy and will certainly increase my output once my brain has had a little rest. I also find it extremely hard to work in my room, not because I get distracted by DVDs or my typewriter, or books, or making tea or coffee, no for some reason I seem to find my walls exceedingly interesting, I just sit and stare at my them, FOR HOURS. I can do creative work in my room, like writing blogs or letters or play ideas into little notebooks. I can have my quiet time in my room because I have it, for the most part, a place of rest. Sometimes, I can might be able to read a journal article but only if I find it interesting, it has to FEEL like recreation.
Libary 3
So, my solution: find a good library. By good library, I mean one that makes you feel brainy and inspires you to be like Rory Gilmore or Hermione Grainger. Although I love the ASS (arts and social sciences library) the colour choices (lime, purple and grey) sometimes make me feel a bit queasy. Also, their coffee is horrendous and overpriced. Last year I found the library that ACTUALLY makes me work: the Wills Memorial Library. There are two options, the law section or the earth sciences section and they're both as pretty as the other. I LOVE THEM. Six hours spent in those four walls generally equals a lot of work getting done. YES.
Library 1
Where are your most productive workspaces!?

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