What The Season Brings: The January Blues

Below is my to-do list. It's horrendous. Most of the entries are continuous, like German grammar and vocab - language learning is never 'done'. RAH. I compiled this list whilst having my lunch break in the library the other day, I got so depressed that I turned it over and started a new list 'How to Beat The January Blues'. I always pay attention to lists, so I thought that by making a list of fun/comforting things 'to-do' I might actually give myself a break and have a little bit of fun. It's so easy to wish January away, there's nothing particularly special going on and there's so much pressure to get going with the New Years' resolutions and most educational institutions foist a load of exams onto their students. I didn't write down anything particularly exciting, just things like 'make a pot of tea' (making a pot of tea rather than a cup of tea dramatically changes the taste. Trust me) and 'use some zingy shower gel'. A lot of people kept picking up my to-do list and showering me with sympathy, only to then turn over and laugh. Yes, I write lists to myself with little notes like 'Watch your favourite TV series - you only have to watch your favourite episodes!', I also take silly photos of myself on photo booth so that when I get overwhelmed by revision, I just have to look up and see my goofy face and it makes me laugh. IT'S CALLED SELF MOTIVATION PEOPLE.

Anyway, I thought as this months' 'What The Season Brings' I might share this little Beat The Blues list, because I'm sure I'm not the only one groaning away the month. That way I can make sure that I actually put the list into action (LOVE blogger accountability) and maybe you too, may no longer feel so blue.

To-Do List


  1. I keep my list spread out on post-it-notes... makes it somewhat less intimidating! One of them is "pin Ellie down on wicker-church-building".... hint hint ;)




  2. Hahahahah. Can I come and visit you from Wednesday 1st Feb - Thurs 2nd Feb??? Also, LAMENESS about whicker church building projd - I'm working for BOTH of those week (and ONLY those weeks) Life is so hard!!!!!!!