Christmas in Clifton


I really love Clifton and I really REALLY love Clifton at Christmas time. Everything is so quaint and classic and family friendly. The Saturday before last I was strolling back from my little jazzy jam with Hornstars when I bumped into my friends Jonni and Alex. They told me that I should run home, grab my camera and head to the Christmas Fayre on Royal York Crescent. I'm SO glad I went, even if I was all by myself.

The Crescent was filled with all things Clifton, from homemade bunting, lucky dip, a barber shop choir, a very wholesome Father Christmas Grotto (not Santa, we are in Clifton DARH-ling) and not forgetting a stall from Lahloo Pantry - a new cafe in the village. I had a lovely chat with the man on the cafe stall and he even gave me a free mince pie with my hot spiced apple drink (I didn't have the heart to tell him I was Gluten free...and I did actually have a cheeky nibble - it was really good!)

It was really rather perfect. The view from Royal York Crescent is quite spectacular and formed a stunning backdrop for this charming festivity - it just made me fall in love with Clifton EVEN more.


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