Milan: Waterfountains

One thing I absolutely LOVED about Milan were the water-fountains, partly because they look awesome, but also partly because it was free water - BOOM (take note Bristol)


These fountains are dotted all over the city and the suburbs and on my first night my host taught me the best way to drink from them. You place your middle finger underneath the spout so that the water rises and then you dip your head and drink as much as you possibly can. It was so refreshing!


But there are other ways to drink from them, like placing your bottle underneath (standard), one little girl used the cup of a kinder-egg surprise, another man just shoved his head underneath and hydrated his entire face and another couple cupped their hands so that the water made a little pool in their palms.


As you can see, I tried to take a detailed photo account of this experience and ended up spraying water everywhere. Such a tourist.

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