Bristol Day 1 - A New Room

Okay so this post is about 2 days late. Apologies. I've set myself the task of blogging everyday about a place in Bristol that I love or find interesting, just because it gives me the excuse to wikipedia things and take lots of photos (yay!) The first place I feel I ought to show you is my new room on Hensmans Hill in Clifton. I moved in on Monday with the help of my wonderful younger brothers who grudgingly carried my frivolous possessions (including my gorgeous trunk, which of course is completely necessary!) up 2 flights of stairs and into the Maisonette that I am sharing with 9 other girls I met in Halls last year. I hadn't actually seen my room before moving in, so it was a bit of a gamble, but I'm sure you'll all agree that the gamble paid off. I really, really love it: it has so much light, space, character and shelves! I particularly love the windows and the old chest of drawers. The shelves are, as mentioned above, an incredibly important feature for me - I have never had enough shelves before. I'm also in love with the mural of a tree on the wall opposite - it brings a little life and colour into what would have otherwise been a rather boring view.

From what I can gather, the property used to be part of a children's clothes factory and has since been converted into flats and maisonettes. It's situated just around the corner from Regent's Street in Clifton so I'm planning a lot of reading, writing, blogging mornings in all the various little cafes - I need to find my regular spot! We also need to find a local pub or bar for our house. AH! It's all so exciting and also a little bit scary because we have to sort out bills and TV licences and make sure our kitchen doesn't develop an extra filthy skin and that the bathrooms are always stocked with loo roll. But it does feel like home which makes everything worthwhile.

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