Blogger Spotlight: Musings and Leanings

Being a part of the universal bloggersphere is a privilege and one I intend never to take lightly. Partly because amidst those aggy, teenage tumblrs that are littered with reblogs of depressing, self-obsessed quotes and the blogs with nothing but pictures from fashion magazines and even those who use this cyber-space outlet as a journal for private rants rather than carefully articulated thoughts or memories, there are many inspiring gems. So, I thought I would, every so often, direct you to one of my favourite blogs be it fashion orientated, God orientated or just plain fun.

My first 'Blogger Spotlight' is my paternal homeslice Andrew Jackson. I helped him set up his blog at the start of January and he has done me proud ever since. His blog 'Musings and Leanings' is one of the most thoughtful, profound and eloquent blogs I have ever read. At the moment his posts are primarily concerned with updates on my Mum's health as she completes her cancer treatment, but as anyone who has encountered such a journey will tell you, it often creates a vacuum for deep musings. So for anyone who likes reading people's stories and enjoys having an insight into the workings of the mind of a 40 something lawyer turned charity worker from Bracknell then pop over to his blog.

I'll leave you with two of my favourite posts to get you started:

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