Honour Spotlight: Ben Jiggins

I haven't written one of these in a long time and this one in particular has to do the person justice. Ben Jiggins is one of the most unique, stubborn, generous and inspiring people I have ever met. We have nothing in common apart from an appreciation of under-ripe bananas, flat-coke and a love for Jesus but for some reason we can always find someone to talk about. He can make me laugh till I cry and my tummy is sore, he's always prepared to listen to my silly teenage girl problems often involving me sobbing ridiculously down the phone and offers advice that is sensitive and real. I see him as the older brother/cousin I never had and with that one of my best friends.

Ben is never afraid to tell you when you're wrong, especially when he thinks he's right. He's passionate about what he likes and equally passionate about what he dislikes. He's had a long, blonde ponytail for as long as I've known him (although rumour has it 2011 will be the year it gets chopped off - wooop!) he's tall and lanky and can run really fast. I'm not sure why his physical appearance is so important, but I think that if you met him you'd understand. He has the BEST laugh in the whole world! Just thinking about it makes me giggle. One of the things I love about him and also one of things that I find so inspiring about him, is how sure of himself he is. When presented with something new or unfamiliar he's always so determined to work out what he thinks about it and what impact it's going to have on him. His personality, interests and experiences seem to fit into these neat little boxes, whilst mine appear to have been chucked messily into a wardrobe with the door hanging off. He's unbelievably loyal and I mean that in the full sense of the word. He's loyal to his friends, to his family, to his faith and also to himself and it's this commitment that I want to emulate.

When I was 13 I wrote a prayer in my journal asking God for a friend who would be consistent and allow me to truly be myself (I also asked for a boyfriend but I'm going to blame that on hormones and an addiction to One Tree Hill!) Anyway, I truly believe that God gave me Ben as my friend to help me grow into my faith and my future, but also to show me a biblical, godly friendship in action. For this I will be eternally grateful because he's just brilliant.

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