New Years Eve

It's come around again, that overrated, hideous night of the year. Why is New Year's Eve such a massive anti-climax!? Maybe it's because I get so tied up with Christmas that I forget that the New Year is only a week away and then by the time I get round to making plans everyone's already got parties to go to or they're going up to London to watch the fireworks. I always seem to find myself party-less and broke on the 31st December and this year is NO different.

I've pretty much decided to spend tonight by myself. I shall sit on the sofa in my living room with a gin and tonic and watch Mean Girls, 27 Dresses, Sabrina, The Way We Were, a couple of Gilmore episodes and then wind it up with Jools Holland's Hootenanny after watching the fireworks on BBC1. Maybe if I don't expect too much from New Years Eve it might turn round and surprise me with a good time. So I'm a bit of a larry this year, but it's by choice and if I end up feeling sad and lonely singing 'All By Myself' into a wine-glass like Bridget Jones then it will be a self-inflicted incident and I'll only have myself to hate.

Alternatively, if any of you fancy staying and watching films this New Year's eve (with me!) give me a shout. We have a big sofa.


  1. came across your blog via ladina. it's very witty. kind of reminded me of bridgette jones :) i have also started blogging at

    very cute site

  2. You've made me want to watch Bridget Jones!
    I hope you have a very happy new year!
    I love you lots. I'll try and see you more this year!

  3. I'm so sorry I couldn't come! But we'll make next week AWESOME. And I'll visit you at Bristol too :P xxx