Snapshots of Student Living: Sainsbury's Basics Peanut Butter and a Wasp Infestation

This is our new vice: Sainsbury's Basics Peanut Butter. It's 67p and whilst not so nutty as the branded jars, it's still SO good. I literally daydream about spreading this stuff on rice-cakes, on toast, hell I even dream about scooping it out of the jar with a spoon. There was a point this week where pretty much every cupboard on floor 5 had a jar on the 1st shelf, within quick and easy access, in order to satisfy our cravings. Yesterday Emily and I even began talks on investing in a communal bucket to which I replied 'It'd go SO quickly, I'd just keep dipping my spoon in' and she said 'Forget about a spoon, I'd just dip my whole FACE in'.

This is why I love my floor.

We've also had problems with a group of dying wasps who seem to have found our bathroom and indeed our bedrooms to be at a desirable temperature in which to spend their last cosy hours on earth. It's gross. Just the other day, a wasp flew right past my nose and nestled itself within the homely cardboard of my coffee machine box. I am convinced I have heard it buzzing, as if convulsing, inside that retched thing all night long. *shudder* It sounds horrid, but I really wish it would just hurry up and DIE.

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