Red Cups @ Starbucks

As much as I'm an advocate for independent coffee shops, particularly here in Bristol, there's something about Starbucks that feels like home. Perhaps it's because it reminds me of sixth-form and trips to London and Christmas. I'm currently embarking on my first ever visit to a Bristolian Starbucks, prompted mainly by a loaded Starbucks card that was sitting in my pigeon-hole from my very kind Aunty and also by a rather disillusioned search for brown, leather ankle boots - it seems like such a simple request, but either the whole world has turned Vegan or we have a serious lack of cows in Britain. I can't find any ANYwhere.

However, I digress. Everyone who is anyone knowns that when the red cups come out at Starbucks there is a happy Ellie and keeping to the tradition of previous years I have bought a christmassy drink the very week these novelty cups hit the stores. This years' design is pretty disappointing, although the concept is pretty snazzy. The theme is 'Stories are gifts shared' Yeah, okay, it sounds disgustingly cutesy but I'm a sucker for these kinda things (most of the time!) It's also a pretty relevant theme for me seeing as I have just submitted my contribution to our church magazine for the christmas stories section.

Christmas is such an evocative stimulus for storytelling, everyone has one to share be it gloomy or jolly or dare I say cynical. Just this morning I was reading the chapter in Bittersweet where Shauna talks about Christmas and how it can be a hard time for so many people and their stories. I know there are many who have lost loved ones through death or divorce who will find this year particularly challenging. I, too, am wary of what this season will arouse in me. There will be the potential for wallowing in the old stories and willing them back into reality unsuccessfully, but I am also aware that this is a season for new memories and new stories. I am reminded of previous christmasses, one in particular, that was especially devastating and poignant, but I never lost my love for Christmas and more importantly I've never looked back. This year, of all years, is a time for looking forward to the cheer, to the warmth and to the love that is Christmas...

But not yet. After all, it's only November (tee-hee!)


  1. Oh yes! Starbucks is by far my favourite coffee haunt...and the red cups bring Christmas home. Hope you enjoyed your coffee in a red cup.

    BTW, I will be talking to you about Noah's and making sure it becomes your favourite coffee haunt :0) x

  2. Wishing I could sit with you for an hour in squishy chairs with a Christmas hot choc and just talk.

    If you get the chance, go to the Birmingham christmas market. It's the biggest and best German Christmas market outsde Germany, and it captures the atmosphere wonderfully.

  3. I was at a coffee shop last months (it might have been Starbucks) and disappointed they didn't do Cinnamon Lattes. I think I had a vanilla one instead, but it wasn't as good.
    Cinnamon Lattes are just the best!