Gardens, Goodbyes and a Cactus

Sunday was awesome. I woke up from a really good sleep, the kind where your body has become one with the mattress and your cheek has created a semi-permanent dent in your pillow. Heavy, deep, refreshing sleep. Yummy. Last Sunday at home, last family meal, last evening meeting. Part of me can't quite believe it's time to leave Bracknell and the other part has waited long enough for this departure! We had vouchers for Pizza Express but we decided to make a trip out of it, disclaimer: I decided to make a trip out of it. I didn't want to just pop into Wokingham or skid along to Reading, I wanted to go somewhere special. So we went to the Pizza Express by Kew Gardens in London and it is the sweetest little yummy place - I felt like I was eating delicious food in someone's kitchen. We had a bit of a mare getting there, Sammy had to wip out the GPS on his phone whilst my parents yelled at each other and Ben and I made unhelpful but amusing comments, but the point is we got there and it was good. Dessert was a particularly special moment for me, Pizza Express have clearly made this just for me: coffee gelato topped with a coffee bean and a coffee flavoured chocolate tick + a cappucino. HOW AMAZING!? I could feel the caffeine humming in my veins. After lunch we pottered around the very cute independent bookstore (after all what would a Jackson family outing be without a trip to a bookshop?!) Dad clearly wanted to buy the lot, I bought a postcard. Happy days. Just as we were about to pop into the car Mum caught sight of the Kew Gardener, a flower shop across the road. For some reason we'd both got it into our heads that I needed a Cactus for uni and we were planning on a trip to Longacres this week, however buying a Cactus near Kew Gardens was such an idyllic idea that I ran over to have a look at them. I decided on a flowering Cactus because I like pretty things and the spikey ones looked like willies. So here it is. I've decided to call it (plants have no gender) Myshkin after the character in The Idiot, partly because I doubt I'll finish the book because it's SO long which seems a shame because the character of Myshkin (the idiot) is so adorable and because, no offence guys, none of the name suggestions on my facebook appealed to me.

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