EAT/PRAY/LOVE: Comfort Eating vs. Comfort Praying

Last night as a I tucked into my second helping of gluten-free crumble I realised that comfort eating is a myth. Food cannot comfort it can only sustain and provide energy. So why do I eat when I'm feeling melancholy, stressed or have PMS? It only makes me feel guilty and fat. As I was eating and despairing at my lack of self-control I felt God whisper to me that he was the source of all comfort and that I shouldn't try and replace his divine solace with earthly cravings. I then started to think about my little motto 'A cup of tea solves anything' and it occured to me that it's not the scrummy taste of tea that makes me feel better, it's the process that goes into making and enjoying a cup of tea. I allow myself sometime to stop, sit and either talk someone through my thought process or to sit in silence and give my busy mind a break. So, in light of this revelation, I have decided to go on a fast from all comfort foods etc. consequently whenever I feel low or depressed and think that I'm in desperate need of chocolate, I'm going to get down on my knees and pray. I'm pretty confident that God will restore me in a way no amount of Ben and Jerry's ice-cream will.


  1. Hi Ellie. A very good read that I enjoyed this Summer on my Kindle. I heard Elizabeth speak on a TED talk about creativity and how so many people were expecting EPL to be the acme of her creativity and that it was all downhill from now on. She rejects this outright and has almost the Hillsong response that the best is yet to come. I won't spoil the book, but the next book is based on the outcome of EPL. Regarding your relationship with food-realise that this is an area that will give you the greatest joy. All the very best social events take place around a table. So enjoy the bounty of the earth and watch out for eating alone. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Thin is not a good look! Jacqui


  2. It must be wonderful to find solace in faith. What a relaxing rediscovery to make. :) You can do it.