A New Project

One of the things I love about Abundant Life Church is their dedication to honouring people. I decided that when I got home I would start a monthly honour post on my blog just to show people how much they mean to me and how I admire them. Interestingly enough my friend Sophie had a similar idea and about 2 hours ago we had a very excited text conversation about it, we are both overwhelmed by the incredible friends and role models that surround us and what better way to express those feelings than in a blog!? I'm naturally a Glass-Half-Full sorta gal but I want to take it one step further and instead of looking out for ways to criticise and bring people down I want to always be on the look out for ways to encourage and build-up. So, stay tuned for August's honour post it's gonna be a goodun'.

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  1. Ellie,
    Just to honour you. Your blog inspired me to get back into creative writing. I had forgotten how much I enjoy it!