Doing Good

At church on Sunday we explored the idea of 'doing good' and I find myself this morning revisiting the bible passage we were looking at:

They should be obedient, always ready to do what is good TITUS 3:1

Yesterday morning I woke up to this text from a friend:

How in everyday life can I sow Gods seeds after being filled at church?

It got me thinking, regardless of a person's faith, whether you're a christian, muslim, atheist, agnostic we should always being looking out for ways to bless people. Not only does it make you feel better, but it makes the other person feel appreciated. I know when someone has done 'good' to me it has often been the turning point in a bad day, leaving me feeling more positive about the world I live in. I made a deal with myself last week not to just 'do' good but to try to 'think' good as well - I've been battling recently with a lot of negativity in my thought life and it was just making me feel crappy. So now it's POSITIVE BRAIN WAVES all the way.

For those of you who are thinking 'but HOW can I do good!?' I'd like to point you in the direction of this blog I found on tumblr a couple of weeks ago. I think I know the author, but she's one of those shady writers who wishes to remain anonymous so I won't indulge you any further. Basically, she has set herself a challenge of doing one good deed a day. Now you may be thinking ' WHAT only ONE good-deed?' but that's not the point I'm trying to advocate here. What I'm inspired by is the fact that she is always on the look out for opportunities to do something good, that's definitely the attitude I want to be living out in my everyday life. So check it out:

p.s If the link doesn't appear on this post just scroll down and you'll find a link to her blog on my left 'blogs I read' column.


  1. This is so true! I absolutely agree. I'm always on the lookout for 'good things' I can do, and I think it constantly improves you as a person because even if you're having a bad day, injecting warmth into somebody else's day is a very selfless thing to do.

  2. ...and thank you Ellie for your 'good deed' coffee making skills when you found us at your house yesterday - esp after a long, tiring and cramp inducing exam!! Love you lots xx

  3. Ellie this is so true. Not only the feeling that someone has done something for you personally, but the feeling of helping someone else, knowing you've made their life just that little bit easier makes me personally feel so good inside :)
    the link you posted is good too :)