There is nothing like waking up to glorious sunshine, accompanied by the huge mug of tea your father has lovingly brought up for you. It’s Monday the 10th of May and I have home study, so there was time to stay snuggled under the duvet and catch up on some reading. After becoming quickly disillusioned with the pretentious rhetoric of Mr Irwin Mcmanus I gave up with ‘Uprising’, decided that the revolution of my soul could wait and continued investigating the ‘Audacity of Hope’. I have to read this book with a pencil nearby, because every so often I come across one of those perspective-changing, opinion-affirming quotes that is just screaming to be underlined. However, I will save my thoughts on Obama’s politics for another blog…I should also probably finish the book before commentating on it.

As I said, today was and is Monday. The day that often determines my mood for the rest of the week - get the balance right on Monday then I only have to sustain the momentum, get the balance wrong and I have to struggle against waves of negativity till Saturday when I have the space to fall on my face and recharge. Last Monday was flat, so the rest of my week was flat: emotionless, detached (apart from the occasional excited outburst over the election and the political future of Britain) until last night when all the thoughts and emotions that I SHOULD have been experiencing overflowed and I nearly had to resort to ultimate ‘Ellie therapy’ (lying on a hard wooden floor with Puccini’s La Boheme blaring out of the speakers)

Now, before I opened my eyes this morning I asked God for sunshine, for time and for a great start to my week. I honestly couldn’t face a day feeling fragile and randomly heartbroken at my lack of enthusiasm for life, studying, relationships etc. When I opened my eyes there was my dear father with tea in a Cath Kidston mug (excellent size), I turned to look outside and there was my sunshine and beside my bed was a pile of books enticing me into their pages. I am convinced that tea, sun, words of wisdom from one of our leading politicians, bible time and a good breakfast constitute an excellent start to the week. YAY!

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