Five go on an adventure

So the Jackson family wake up this morning to no milk, this means no morning cup of tea which is bad news for parents on a short fuse and the pre-menstrual daughter, for who the promise of a morning brew is the only thing that got them out of bed on such a hideously stressful day. Thus, the morning got off to a bad start, but thankfully I (the daughter) got up a little later than usual so things had already been kick-started in terms of packing and writing to-do lists.

Packing for a holiday is never simple procedure in our house and there are many times when I think the stress of getting ready to go actually exceeds the holiday itself. My Dad in particular is not the most patient of people in such circumstances and had his usual paddy over the lawn-mower this morning (DIY is Don't Involve Yourself. He's never been a fan) and then was greeted by my brother's drum beating as he finally sat down to relax - Sam is REALLY good with timing.

Both brothers are practically glued to the computer, already mourning over the fact they'll be parted from it over the next few days. I am sorting through the copious amounts of un-titled, un-labled CDs in my brother's room trying to find music which I seem to have lost - every single CD has Switchfoot's "We Were Meant to Live", it seems neither of them are great when it comes to creating mix-tapes.

My room is, as usual, a cave covered in paper, clothes, make-up, pens and dictionaries. I manage to wade through the prospectuses and old grammar worksheets to get to the bed and hope that somewhere underneath lies the small, spotty suitcase - No Luck. This means a trip to the loft, which I hate anyway; everytime I get the ladder down I keep thinking "This is it...this is my time" and I can visualise the Bracknell News Headline: "17 year old girl, killed by loft ladder" or "Bracknell's Dorothy Dead" or something stupid like that. You thinking I'm joking? Seriously EVERYTIME! As per usual, the loft is a playground of distractions, Mum's wedding dress, a doll's house, cards, photo albums, old toys - you name it. So after 15 to 20 minutes of browsing I picked up what I was looking for and finally got out of there.

I also updated my paper diary, for those of you who have heard about my previous weekend serious updating was needed! Never again will I stand on my friend's doorstep ready to scream "Happy Birthday" when they open the door and assert: "You look very dressed up" to which I reply "Is it not your party tonight?" to which she says: "Oh no that was last night!" Urg, ground swallow me!

So after two cups of coffee, 2 hours of updating i-tunes (My favourite thing ever, spesh when all that lovely album artwork appears YAY!) and listening to spotify (kind of annoying me at the moment, because the number and frequency of adverts have increased suddenly...grrrrr!) I have packed a very small suitcase (YAY I am the light packing genius) filled a bag with books, textbooks and notebooks and bought two magazines for the beach :-D

Now I check the weather and discover that tomorrow will be the only sunny day from now till Friday...and even then it's still going to be chilly. GREAT. Just great. One day, just one day we will go on a holiday where all the effort of packing actually results in sunny, gorgeous days on the beach instead of huddling into the tiny, weeny tent whilst Dad yells at Sam to catch the wetsuit that is flying over to the next person...but wait there is no next person because SENSIBLE PEOPLE DON'T STAY ON THE BEACH WHEN IT'S PEEEING IT DOWN WITH RAIN, WIND AND COLDNESS! Joys!

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