I am the Flask Lady

There is no doubt in my mind, or indeed anyone elses, that I am an obsessive tea-drinker. It's more than a drink to me, it's a lifestyle. I must drink one cup in the morning and one after school - (das ist wirklich wichtig!) failing to do so, would result in my routine falling to pieces. Thus I am probably an addict, however I refuse to buy tea from coffee shops or train stations - it's never right. PG tips are also a "no-go", they are actually revolting *bleurg*

I'm not sure what it is about tea that I find so appealing - I can't describe the taste, or the smell. Maybe I like the act of putting on the kettle and reaching for the tea-bags (in my house we have a whole shelf dedicated to different teas and coffees, seriously awesome!) or perhaps I like the way my tea is consumed, having a cup of tea is about the only time of the day where I really stop. Tea drinking is also a wonderful social activity, many great thoughts, ideas and feelings are shared whilst sipping a cuppa cha.

Whatever the reason, I can't live without it. So much so, that I have two Starbucks' hand flasks and a thermos, which many of you will have seen me carrying, which are always used to carry tea to school or to rehearsals. Some members of the Wizard of Oz Cast have named me "The Flask Lady" after the time I brought all three flasks (not all tea! One was tea, one was hot water and lemon and the other one was a lemsip thing) into the dressing room. I think I'm just so used to having tea on me, it's like having old friend waiting for you at the bottom of your bag (I also have lots of big bags...but that's another blog)

Before I publish this, I must add that I like my tea in BIG MUGS and only on special occasions will I accept my hot beverage in anything smaller (i.e a Jane Austen tea party) and on that note, I think I'm going to stick the kettle on!

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  1. Tea can only be drunk in big mugs. I'm pretty sure it's illegal to do so any other way...