More tea less Skins

I have been drinking more tea since the start of Lent, this could be for two reasons: reason 1, I am very tired and drinking tea helps me to at least "think" about doing the copious amounts of work I have to do, reason 2, I have given up chocolate and biscuits so tea is the only way to cope with bad days, hormones and general stress. As a result of this increase in my caffeine intake I am constantly anxious and find it hard to sleep. I will never learn.

I finished Alice in Wonderland; seriously EVERYONE read it :-) but prepare yourself for strange dreams. I am now attempting to read "The Trial" but it requires a lot of brain energy and by the time I actually get a chance to read ANYTHING I am very, very sleepy - so progress is slow. I am thinking of reading something really light, wait I rephrase I NEED to read something light just to enjoy reading for pleasure again. I think my ridiculous reading list for English has bogged me down - sad times, cos I do REALLY want to read most of the books on there.

Anyhooodle, life is in a word "crazy" at the moment. I feel like I'm running on a treadmill in high heels, holding three very heavy shopping bags whilst trying to read a book - oh and someone keeps pressing the button to make it go faster. AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH. Hopefully, things will start to quieten down at somepoint, but for the moment I would really like a day off, a day to be a total slob - A PROPER TEENAGER! Although, I did very much enjoy my day out in Oxford on Saturday. I went with a few friends from school, Fiona forced me to go and I'm SO glad she did. We went to a German Open Day and it was so much fun :-) the course looks very interesting and I got to spend most of my day talking about German Theatre and Film which I absolutely LOVE. I even got a chance to act out an extract of a German play - it was insane! Then, because me and Fiona are "loose" (her words not mine) we decided to skip Blackwells and go coffee/cookie shop hunting :-) it was lots of fun. I love Fiona, I think you should all meet her because I've never EVER met anyone like her. She's half German, half scottish, in love with languages, in LOVE with Harry Potter (she LOVES that her surname in Potter!) and wants to learn old languages in order to teach herself Elvish (she also likes LOTR). She's also one of those people who isn't afraid to shout if she doesn't understand something (which at Kendrick is RARE indeed). So yeah, we love Fiona :-)

Onto "Skins". I'm not sure how I feel about this program but from the few times I have watched it, it seems to have the potential of being scarily addictive. It's one of those programs that will guarantee my parents walking into the room whilst somebody is having sex (which in skins is always VERY graphic!) I guess what bugs me the most is that it almost claims to be a realistic portrayal of teenage life, which is absurd. For one thing, where do the characters get all their money for drugs when they don't work? Secondly, how can they have such a busy/hetic social life and still do well in their A Levels - I swear I've never seen one of them even pick up a textbook. One of my friends suggested that we have a "Skins Rave" which means watching the entire first series, whilst getting "pissed" (for me drinking tea - I'm such a granny!) and then writing an essay on how it's all LIES. That is geeky Kendrick socials for you. But it's true, it's all lies (oooooooooooooooo see what I did there?) However, if I'm honest, the only reason I'm not a regular viewer is cos I'm not usually awake that late on a Thursday night. *sigh*

Right time for homework

ciao x

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